Backyard Fun During Quarantine

Think of the next few weeks as the ultimate staycation. Sure, you work remotely and kids have online school, but then it is time to enjoy time together in your outdoor living space. 

Unfortunately, the Coronavirus quarantine has families cooped up at home during some of the most perfect weather of the year. Spring is the best time to be outdoor, enjoying nature, getting some exercise, and enjoying time with family and friends. But the good news is that you can still enjoy the great outdoors. 

You are just limited to what is in your backyard. And hopefully, it is full of DOGWOOD features that will make the next few weeks as pleasant as possible for you and your family. If you are having trouble thinking of ways to make the most of this mandatory staycation, here is a short list of ways to pass the days and fill them with fun for the entire family.

Go "out" for dinner and a movie

Getting out in the fresh air and sunshine is a great way to relieve the stress of being quarantined at home. You just need to be open to a new destination when you are going out to dinner.

The weather is perfect for a BBQ or any other type of cookout that you and your family enjoy. So take the entire family outside and get everyone involved in the prep and cooking of dinner. Even a meal as simple as burgers and hot dogs tastes better when you are cooking them outside. And if this is your first cookout of the year, be sure to head out in the afternoon and clean off the grill and patio furniture so that your first BBQ of 2020 is nothing but fun.

And for your evening entertainment, take your movie outside as well. It’s not quite the same as going to a drive-in movie, but it can be just as much fun. All you need is an ample space to hang a white sheet or an outdoor movie screen and a small projector or projector capable smartphone. Check out Amazon for outdoor movie projector and screen packages that start at under $100! And don’t forget to order popcorn to go with your movie.

Fun at the fire pit or fireplace

While the evenings are still cool, take advantage of your time at home to enjoy your fire pit or fireplace. Not only is this a great place to gather and chat, but you can also add to the fun with special snacks. Everyone loves making s’mores or popcorn over an open fire. This is also a great way to get everyone away from electronics and the news. 

Take some time to remind kids that you are doing everything that you can to keep the entire family safe. And that by following the added safety precautions, the quarantine time will pass as quickly as possible. You might even encourage a conversation about what you have learned from this event, what your kids have learned, and what valuable lessons we should all take away from this unique experience.

Parents need to relax too

Picture yourself relaxing in the peace and quiet of your spa, while your children are occupied with online school work. Don’t forget to take the time that you need to de-stress each day.

While this temporary lifestyle change can be disrupting, it should not be all bad. Parents are very focused on keeping kids entertained, calm, and happy. But moms and dads need to remember to take some time for adult rest and relaxation. With this new normal, don’t feel guilty about going out and sliding into the spa at two in the afternoon on a weekday. Or any other time for that matter. Everything about our new way of life, social distancing, and the collapse of a normal daily routine is stressful. 

So be sure to give yourself some time to relax, de-stress, and do something that you enjoy each day. Take a book and enjoy 30 minutes of peace, solitude, and warm bubbles in your spa or hot tub.