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Welcome The Feeling Of Deep Relaxation

Fire has been part of our lives since time immemorial. Gazing into a gentle fire has the power to soothe our minds, bodies, and spirits in ways we often don’t understand. All we know is everything seems better when we’re around a fire.

Fire pits help you bring this tranquility to your own backyard. They can be your private getaway place at the end of a long workday. As you sit back in your favorite chair, feel how the day’s stress leaves your body without effort.

And when it comes to your family and friends, you don’t need a reason for a casual gathering on a Wednesday night. Just get everyone together around the fire pit, roast some marshmallows, and have a good time.

The Backyard Addition You’re Guaranteed To Enjoy

Fire pits are not just for the winter, that’s for sure. You can have a fire pit installed next to your pool to extend the hours you spend outside even after the sun has set. On chilly autumn nights, you can pull up a chair next to the fire and unwind. The opportunities to enjoy your outdoor fire pit or fireplace are endless.

Whether you want a casual fire pit or a large fireplace, both will add a cozy ambiance to your backyard. They’re an addition that every member of your family will adore.

Here are the most common upgrades homeowners like you are choosing for their cozy backyard:

Take Part in our fire pit by friday program

Not all of our projects are monster multi-phase builds. Some of our favorites installations, like simple fire pits and patios, can be built in as little as 3 days. Take advantage of our Fire Pit by Friday program on your next backyard project!

Step One: 

Simply select which wood-burning fire pit and patio shape is best for your backyard. If you need design support, give us a call and we can walk you through it.

Step Two: 

Selecting which paver shape and color you like best. As a Belgard Authorized Contractor we have access to some of the best hardscaping products in the world. We’ve done a lot of the guess work for you and pulled our top 9 best-selling pavers to choose from!

The last step? Head over to our request a quote page to get your Fire Pit by Friday!

Bring Calmness To Your Backyard In 3 Easy Steps

After walking your property, we’ll offer insights on a prime fire pit location, complimentary landscape elements, like plants, and more. Our experience will also help you navigate things like any local zoning or fire laws. Plus, we’ll offer recommendations on what kinds of materials will best suit your design.

1. Phone Consultation

The first step is to send us a few pictures of your current backyard, as well as pictures of your fire pit or fireplace preference. Share with us your vision as best as you can, and we’ll have a phone call to discuss more details. We’ll also schedule an in-house consultation.

2. Design And Installation

At the in-house consultation, we’ll discuss the best solutions for your backyard as well as the surrounding landscape. We’ll help you choose materials that will create a cohesive feel throughout your entire backyard. When the plan is all set, we get to work.

3. Enjoy Your Fire Pit

Enjoy the cozy ambiance created by your fire pit or fireplace. Get your loved ones around the fire and extend the time you spend outdoors, no matter the season. Roast marshmallows, relax, and unwind every time you want.

Fire Pit Installation Prices

Whether you choose a fireplace or fire pit for your backyard or patio, be it gas or wood, we are qualified to assist you in making the best choice based on your available space, budget, and local ordinances.

Ask us about our smokeless fire pits!

Fire Pit Pricing Starts at $3k:

  • Simple wood-burning fire pits are installed on solid gravel footing
  • Gas fire pits are installed on a complete patio
  • High-end gas fire pits are installed on a complete patio with built-in lights

*Prices are averages and may change depending on the type of fire pit you choose. For a gas fire pit, the cost of connecting the fire pit to your home’s gas line varies depending on how far your house is. You’ll receive an exact quote for your unique fire pit installation after the in-house consultation.

Fire Pit Installation Gallery

Find inspiration for your cozy spot in our gallery below. We can’t wait to help you transform your backyard.


Custom Fire Pits Installed


Custom Pools Designed And Installed


Retaining Walls Installed


Patios Designed And Installed


Outdoor Lighting Installations

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Our customers continually become recurring customers. Their reviews speak for the quality of our work, our dependable team, and the long-term fulfillment our homeowners get from their completed projects.


These folks offer High quality, thoughtful and responsive customer service, not to mention the insanely good work done by Dogwood Landscaping.

We started with a small bed project, loved it so much that we moved to a playground yard, stone wall, stack stone fire pit and patio, wall refacing, front bed makeover AND smart home lighting within about 4 years.

Jason and his team have become family to us! WE LOVE DOGWOOD!

Lindsey Paris​


We had initially reached out to Dogwood Landscaping to get a quote to install a DIY Fire Pit kit we had bought online.

After talking to Jason, we realized we could get more bang for our buck if we purchased the supplies through him – so we canceled the kit and let him design something that really fit our space.

This section of our yard was a forgotten space – it was always muddy and grass had a hard time growing.

Now it’s a gorgeous focal point and somewhere we plan to spend many nights!

Dogwood will be our go-to for any future projects we have!

Kimberly Townsend​


Tremendous service from design to installation.

Extremely professional.

Our family loves the Patio & fire pit that the team at Dogwood created for us! And we came in under budget!


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