Swimming Pool Size Questions

3 Questions About Swimming Pool Size

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If you’re in the market for a pool, you’re probably already aware of the benefits of owning a swimming pool. Even when you’re sold on a pool, however, there are still several things to consider before choosing and installing the right swimming pool for your home. One of the most important considerations is the swimming pool size. After all, you …

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5 Unexpected Benefits of Pool Ownership

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When you picture yourself owning a pool, what do you see? Perhaps you see yourself lounging in a chair by the poolside, listening to the splash of a fountain, or (more than likely) your kids playing. Perhaps you see yourself doing pool maintenance, enjoying the early morning birdsong on the day of a big backyard party. Or maybe you see …

Tips for Generating a Realistic Landscape Budget

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When you begin the process of landscaping you home, you will realize that the numbers add up quickly. Metro Atlanta is a great place to enjoy outdoor living throughout the year and there are almost limitless features which can be incorporated into your yard. With all of this potential sitting right outside your backdoor, it’s important to invest some time …

Downlighting Uplighting Landscape Lighting

Downlighting vs Uplighting: When to use each in your Landscape?

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Downlighting vs. uplighting: this is common lingo in the landscape lighting world. What’s the difference? How do you know what type of lighting to use where? Deciding all this is part of the fun — and challenge — of landscape lighting. It’s all about direction. In uplighting, landscape lights are mounted below or at ground level, shining the light upward. …

Dogwood Landscaping Hardscaping

4 Ways to Enhance Your Backyard With Hardscaping

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When we think of residential landscaping, we mostly refer to planting flowers and shrubs, sodding a lawn or planting trees to add shade. While these elements will enhance the aesthetic quality of your yard, adding hardscape elements has the potential to transform an unkempt backyard into a backyard oasis for family gatherings and entertainment. Hardscaping refers to non-garden design elements …

Concrete Pavers vs Brick Pavers

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While brick pavers all have a similar face, concrete pavers are available in an endless array of finishes — including smooth finishes, natural stone textures, cobbled looks, antique tumbled looks and more. Most concrete paver finishes incorporate blends of colors, and many have unique faces created with specialized aggregates. Ready to get started on your Paver project? Let Dogwood’s team …

Fire Pits — The Perfect Swimming Pool Add-On

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Winter time is here. In the recent years, backyard living has become more popular than ever with many homeowners adding outdoor kitchens with dining areas, terraces, outdoor TV and speakers throughout their backyard oasis. With all these great outdoor living features, the fire pit is number one, especially when it comes to swimming pool accessories. Many pool owners want to …

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Winter is a Great Time to Plan Spring Hardscaping Projects

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During the winter months, landscaping is all but forgotten, as the grass and plants go dormant and temperatures drop. But this can actually be a great time to think about your hardscaping projects such as patios, pools, outdoor fireplace, etc. By starting now, you will have ample time to thoroughly plan and design your projects. You’ll be ready to begin …

Pool Maintenance in the Fall and Winter Months

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Many people think that there is zero to no pool maintenance needed in the fall and winter seasons. Many pool owners won’t swim in their oasis as much as they do in the summer. However, your pool still needs maintenance. What changes in the fall and winter months is how you should monitor the chemicals in your pool. Believe it …

Best Christmas Gift Ever: A New Pool

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It’s tough to come up with awesome Christmas gift ideas that your whole family will love. But we think Clark Griswold had the best Christmas gift idea ever… If you’re not familiar with Clark Griswold, you’ve gotta watch the classic 1981 movie Christmas Vacation. In the film, Chevy Chase, plays the main character, Clark Griswold, who dreams of surprising his …