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Spools: Where Spas and Pools Collide

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Have you been thinking about having a pool installed on your property, but don’t have the room, budget, or need, for a full size swimming pool. You may want to consider having a spool installed. These innovative pool designs are quickly gaining popularity, especially as larger home floor plans, and smaller lot sizes, become the norm.

What is a Spool?

A spool combines the best features of a pool and spa. These pools are smaller in size (similar to that of a spa), while still being large enough to accommodate several people in a casual, relaxing environment. Furthermore, spools are extremely versatile not only in their size and design, but in their available features as well.

For example, somebody who wants to enjoy the fitness benefits of a swimming pool without the large size and maintenance that comes along with a “traditional” pool can have swim jets installed in a spool, allowing them to swim continuously in-place. Think of it in the same way you would use a treadmill!

Benefits of Spools

There are numerous benefits to installing a spool. The first benefit comes if you have a smaller property footprint. You may have thought that you would never be able to have a pool on your property without giving up all your green space. With a spool, you can have the best of both worlds. You can design your spool to be a focal point or simply allow it to blend in seamlessly with the rest of your yard.

Furthermore, because of their smaller size, spools also tend to be much more affordable in cost, making pool ownership more attainable for many. Combine this with the easier maintenance and running costs and you have a swimming pool and entertainment solution that’s fit for just about any budget or lifestyle.

Spools are incredibly customizable as well. You can truly tailor it to your taste and requirements. With spools, a variety of step and bench designs can be achieved, making each spool design unique.



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