5 Unexpected Benefits of Pool Ownership

When you picture yourself owning a pool, what do you see? Perhaps you see yourself lounging in a chair by the poolside, listening to the splash of a fountain, or (more than likely) your kids playing. Perhaps you see yourself doing pool maintenance, enjoying the early morning birdsong on the day of a big backyard party. Or maybe you see yourself committing to a daily fitness routine of swimming laps. Here are some more pleasant, and slightly unexpected, benefits to pool ownership that you can picture as you dream of your new pool.

Healthier Kids

One of the great things about pool ownership is that having a pool often gets the kids out of the house, away from the television or the video game console. While it may be far too hot in the summer to go outside and run around, they will gladly go out to the pool and splash around. Getting them to play in the sunlight (hello, Vitamin D) and get some exercise will help their general health and happiness. We all know that pulling kids away from their electronics is hard, and a pool makes the break a little easier.

Peace of Mind

Speaking of the kids, when they are bored and want to get out of the house during the spring and summer do you fret about where they are and what they’re doing? If they’re at someone else’s pool, do you worry that they’re safe? Owning your own pool will make your house the fun one where the kids want to hang out and allow you the peace of mind that comes with knowing they’re there and safe.

Time At Home

Many people keep a gym membership for access to the health benefits of the pool, but they spend a lot of their swimming time just getting to and from the gym (not to mention changing and showering and changing again). Owning a pool gives you instant access to the fun and fitness of the gym, without the wasted time, meaning you have more time to spend on the things that matter.


If your kids have grown, then you probably think that these benefits don’t apply to you, but what about time with your grandchildren? Having your own pool will make your backyard the go-to spot not just for summer parties, but also for casual weekends. If your kids can come to your house for the grandkids to swim, why pay for an extra pool membership?


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