8 Ways to Make Small Yards Appear Larger

Plan Your Space You might think that keeping a small yard open and loosely planned would make it feel bigger, but the opposite is true. The key to a more spacious feeling is all in the organization. Define the spaces in your small yard and make their purposes clear. Delineate a dining or lounging area […]

Secrets to Backyard Landscaping

You don’t have to be a professional landscaper to design a beautiful backyard space. Check out these top 5 backyard landscaping secrets that can help turn any backyard into a work of art! 1. Hide Problem Areas Having a backyard is great for you and your family to play outside all day long. However, your […]

The Best Trees for Any Backyard

Trees add much-needed shade, privacy, color, and interest to your backyard. Here is our list of trees you can incorporate into your landscaping design that will completely transform your backyard. American Holly The American Holly is a broadleaf evergreen tree and grows 15-50’ tall. They are pyramidal in shape and have striking red berries and […]