The Dos and Don’ts of Pruning Shrubs

Shrubs play a vital role in your landscape. They can serve as decorative borders, living fences, and foundation plantings that add distinction and personality to your property. But if your privet hedge is suddenly sprawling all over your sidewalk, it may be time to get out the pruning shears.  Whether you’re just trying to control […]

March Lawn Care To-Do List

It’s March and you’re feeling the need to get started on your spring lawn care. But bringing your lawn back to life after winter can be a challenging task. From seeding and aerating, proper spring lawn care consists of a range of responsibilities. In order to create a thriving, beautiful lawn, you’ll need to start […]

February Yard and Garden To-Do List

February is not the ideal time to be outside in the garden. There may be pockets of time you can enjoy being outside, but nothing’s really growing and the weather isn’t typically cooperating. However, February is the perfect month to get ready for what’s just around the corner: Spring! Here are some ideas for what […]

8 Ways to Make Small Yards Appear Larger

Plan Your Space You might think that keeping a small yard open and loosely planned would make it feel bigger, but the opposite is true. The key to a more spacious feeling is all in the organization. Define the spaces in your small yard and make their purposes clear. Delineate a dining or lounging area […]

Secrets to Backyard Landscaping

You don’t have to be a professional landscaper to design a beautiful backyard space. Check out these top 5 backyard landscaping secrets that can help turn any backyard into a work of art! 1. Hide Problem Areas Having a backyard is great for you and your family to play outside all day long. However, your […]

Container Gardening Mistakes

When you garden in containers you don’t need a lot of space to create a dreamy mix of colorful flowers and tasty edibles. However, there are ten common mistakes you should avoid to keep your dream garden from becoming a nightmare. 1. Using inexpensive soil Good soil is the key to success in any garden, […]

Where to Purchase Backyard Plants

Big Box Stores vs Local Landscaping Professional Once you’ve decided you want to buy new plants, whether to add to your existing garden or to install a landscape plan, you still have another decision to make: where to buy them. There are several factors to consider: availability, source, quality and service. While the cost of […]

20 Ways To Improve Curb Appeal

First impressions are everything – especially when it comes to the exterior of your home. Here are 20 ways you can improve the curb appeal of your home to help provide a happy and welcoming feel for your guests. 1. Symmetrical Approach One of the classic methods of transforming a modest space into something seemingly […]

The Best Ways to Recycle Fall Leaves

Raking leaves is one of those tasks you either love or loathe. For a few, it’s something calming to be done on a lovely fall day. For many, it’s torment that finishes with all kinds of pain. There’s no denying it: raking, pulling, and stowing them can be diligent work. Yet, don’t release all that […]

7 Flowers to Plant in the Fall

It’s easy for many to give up on their gardens and landscaping once the fall season approaches. They often believe there is not enough sun, warmth, or there is a lack of time to tend to their plants. Truthfully, fall is one of the best times to plant and enjoy vibrant blooms now, and in […]

Preparing Your Yard for Spring

The end of summer doesn’t mean the end of lawn care. Many people fall victim to forgetting about their lawn and landscape care when cooler weather begins to make an appearance. Some only focus on cleaning up leaves and don’t realize that their yard still needs care in order to keep it in good health […]

How to Care for Fall Mums

Chrysanthemums, better known as mums, say fall as much as pumpkins do. Fall mums have a range of colors and come in pinks, reds, rusts, deep plums, pure white or white blends, garnets, purples and of course yellows. They are easy to take care of and make great centerpiece flowers. When looking for the perfect […]

Should I Bag or Mulch my Grass Clippings?

Ah yes, to bag or not to bag your grass clippings…that is the question. As a professional lawn care company, this is one of our most common questions. There are few times that we would actually recommend bagging your grass clippings. That may be a good idea if you’re having a specific turf disease problem that you’re […]

6 Reasons You Can’t Kill Weeds in your Lawn

“Why won’t these weeds die?!” Have you had your share of frustration with weeds in your lawn? Whether you choose D-I-Y lawn care or hire one of the many professional lawn care services in your area, you may at some point reach some frustration with weeds that just won’t go away in your grass. We meet with […]