Outdoor Waterfall Design & Installation

Outdoor Waterfall
Design & Installation
by Dogwood Landscaping

The sound of a waterfall is one of the most soothing sounds on earth. Although it would be very hard to duplicate the sound and feel of a natural waterfall high up in the mountains a great waterfall can be constructed in most Bergen County backyards.

Having a waterfall professionally installed by Dogwood Landscaping will ensure that you get an outdoor waterfall that is of the highest quality in both material and design.

Benefits of Building an Outdoor Waterfall

Waterfalls can be built using already existing features on a property such as ponds, streams or swimming pools or they can be built from scratch. Using natural materials will give the waterfall a much more genuine look.

While a waterfall is meant to enhance the look and feel of a yard, the main asset of having a waterfall is the sound the falling water makes. Not only is the sound of the water soothing, but it drowns out background noise and creates a quiet and serene place for reflection and enjoyment. Another asset of the versatile waterfall is that it can be placed in any part of a yard, front, back or side.

While it is possible for a property owner to design and construct a waterfall, the most prudent course of action is to enlist the services of a qualified landscaping firm to assist in the design and construction. Hiring a professional landscape contractor, such as Dogwood, can benefit you in many ways, including:

  • Costly mistakes are eliminated when using contractors
  • Possible issues are detected and dealt with before bigger problems arise
  • Complex engineering issues are taken care of by the contractor who has the experience and know-how to deal with such matters
  • The landscape plan will be a polished design that will enhance the decor and feel of a yard and add value and sophistication to the entire estate

When thinking of adding a waterfall to the yard a few questions should be asked. Property owners can save heartache and stress by answering these questions:

  • Does the waterfall need to be seen from the house? Or deck? Or patio?
  • Will the waterfall tie seamlessly into the existing landscape? Do big changes need to be made?
  • How close will the waterfall be placed to a bedroom? The noise may be a problem at night!
  • Will one pump or two pumps be needed for the waterfall? Two pumps can save energy, and money, by using one for circulation and the other for the waterfall.

Dogwood will help you answer these questions and more as we come up with a design that fits your landscape and your tastes. The best course of action is to hire a professional such as Dogwood Landscaping.

Why Choose Dogwood?

Dogwood Landscaping has been serving the local area for more than two decades, and we’re eager to assist property owners with outdoor waterfall design and installation. Offering award-winning landscape services, we’re here to help you make your home, property, and outdoor living area as beautiful and functional as it can possibly be. Contact us today to learn more about our outdoor waterfall construction options or schedule your first appointment.