Lawn Maintenance

Healthy soil conditions are essential in maintaining steady growth of all plants. Dogwood Landscaping makes sure that your soil is capable of sustaining all forms of plant life by testing and fertilizing accordingly.

We mow and manicure your lawn to the highest standards, and adjust the cutting frequency according to the season and the rate of lawn growth. We also edge your lawn, clean out flower beds, and remove clippings to avoid the buildup of thatch. We make sure that no lawn debris ends up where it shouldn’t and we blow the entire area before we leave.

Our customers enjoy more than a beautiful property. They get back priceless time for family, friends and leisure.

Call Dogwood Landscaping and let our experts design a maintenance plan the will meet your needs and budget.

Pine-straw or colored mulch installed when you sign up for our full service landscape maintenance program!

Maintenance Program

All-inclusive maintenance programs ensure the proper care for your property.

  • Turf Mowing
  • Trimming
  • Edging of Curbs
  • Removal of Clippings and Lawn Debris
  • Post Emergent Weed Control in Beds
  • Shrub Pruning (as needed or as recommended)
  • Bed Trenching
  • Fertilizing

Maintenance Programs Starting at $200.00 per month.

Residential Maintenance Plans

Whether you are a residential homeowner or a large estate homeowner, Dogwood Landscaping provides the knowledge, equipment and services to care for your valuable investment.

Commercial Maintenance Plans

Property managers and business owners have enough stress and concern. Attracting new business and retaining current business is key to survival. A neatly manicured and attractive landscape is an extension of a professional company.